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The Obscure Comic Book Film Source Project

Everytime a film based on an obscure comic comes out, the lists appear with clickbait titles:  “Films You Didn’t Know Were Based on Comics” (and similar titles).  So I made a list of 26 of those lists:


But how true are those lists?  Help me test them.  So I’ve list the 63 films of those on the following 5 lists.


Help me test the validity of the 26 lists by visiting my lists and doing the polls.


And if you’re still interested after all that, here are some reviews you may be interested in:

~ DUG.



Major (Ongoing) Polls

My Best Blog

Which is the best of my first 10 blogs?

Best Blog


The Film Rules to be tested

10 films are tested against a set of rules/genre formula on The Film Rules.  You get to pick the next one.

Future Film Rules to be Tested 


Competing Films Showdown

10 pairs of 2 films released at about the same time – each pair will be review on Screen Screener and compared as to which is better.

Competing Films Showdown


Polls on Regular Posts

Real Life Super Villains

Originally on Truth is as Strange as Fiction, now on Super Villain Advice, each post features a real person who may be a real life Super Villain.  Each blog comes with a poll to assess the candidate’s eligibility.

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